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This eZine was designed to provide enriched information on the entire provenance of ultimate luxury travel. will go to your favorite places, and find you new experiences. And we'll cover new destinations that you have been considering, or should. Our writers cover a broad spectrum of travel, and anticipate that you may like to travel solo, or as a couple, or in groups. And that your needs might cover a range of interests - self, family, friends.

You will find rich details on what to expect, where to stay and a pre-travel checklist in Great Journeys. The latest "in" experiences are described in the Flash Report. Want your own private vacation retreat? See Villas & Castles. Our Spas round-up will give you ideas on which ones have sport, fitness or pampering biases. We will cover casinos, and cruises in P.O.S.H., and in Lifestyles, we will tell you where you can go for art, antiques, architecture, culture, cooking, fashion, food/wine, history, hunting, music, nightlife, and anything else you want us to cover.

In the "Best of the Best ," you can find the current lists of top hotels & resorts, rated by the best travel magazines or guides. Come often, stay long.

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